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Infographic aesthetic flat closure Going Flat? Let's be clear. Tell your surgeon you want an aesthetic flat closure as defined by the NCI so you get a smooth flat chest.

Clear Language: “Aesthetic” vs. “Cosmetic”

April 16, 2021

“Aesthetic surgery” includes both reconstructive (restorative) surgery and cosmetic (enhancing) procedures. The term “aesthetic” simply refers to a surgery that is done with care and attention to external appearance. Both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries entail an aesthetic surgical approach.

One of the most important distinctions for patients is that health insurance covers reconstructive surgery, but usually does not cover cosmetic surgery, as the latter is considered “elective” (i.e., not necessary). Clear language matters!

Coastal Mermaids flat mermaid calendar fundraiser

Coastal Mermaids’ Calendar Fundraiser for Flat Advocacy

April 16, 2021

We are honored and excited to announce that Australia’s Coastal Mermaids is putting together a FLAT Mermaid Calendar as a fundraiser for NPOAS! The calendar will exclusively feature flat women to bring awareness to FLAT in beautiful ways.

Proceeds will support NPOAS’ continued advocacy work to #putflatonthemenu: research collaborations to support a better standard of care, interfacing with medical professionals at conferences, mailing brochures to patients & providers, expansion of our patient support tools online, and more.

Sponsors are invited to support a month in 2022 by way of a $500 donation in return for a featured write-up and logo! All donations are appreciated, large and small.

Surgeons offering aesthetic flat closure can now apply for the NPOAS Directory

Surgeons Can Now Apply to Be Listed on the Flat Friendly Directory!

April 16, 2021

NEW! Growing our Flat Friendly Surgeons Directory is critical to ensuring women going flat have access to optimal surgical care. That’s why we are happy to announce that in addition to direct patient recommendations, we are now including surgeons who have applied and met our criteria!

Welcome to NPOAS Council of International Advocates, Plattnormen

Welcome to the Council of International Advocates: Fia Jigrud & Hanna Bjorknas of Plattnormen (Sweden)

April 15, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome Fia Jigrud & Hanna Bjorknas of Plattnormen to our Council of International Advocates! Fia and Hanna are both young breast cancer survivors in Sweden. Plattnormen is their patient-led flat advocacy organization working to make sure that Swedish women have full control over their bodies when facing breast cancer surgery – going flat and having PBM’s if they wish (prophylactic contralateral mastectomy). Visit their website or follow Plattnormen on Instagram to learn more about their work! They also have a community support group on Facebook.

Research is Making the Case for Aesthetic Flat Closure

April 14, 2021

Improving the standard of care must be based on evidence. In the months since the UCLA flat closure study’s publication, multiple media outlets picked up the story to discuss both the study itself and the larger issue of parity for this reconstructive choice. The paradigm shift in considering flat closure as a valid choice worthy of an aesthetic approach is picking up steam.

Breaking! Aesthetic Flat Closure Research Just Published in Annals of Surgical Oncology

January 04, 2021

An historic study on patient satisfaction with aesthetic flat closure out of UCLA was just published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology, an official journal of The Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) and the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBRS). This research represents a critical step forward to parity for flat closure, by characterizing the patient experience going flat and factors contributing to satisfaction with aesthetic outcome.

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