Cory Donovan

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NOTE: This surgeon offers the Goldilocks mastectomy and was recommended for Goldilocks to
produce small breast mounds. They may or may not meet the specific inclusion criteria for the Flat
Friendly Surgeons Directory as a surgeon specializing in aesthetic flat closure (AFC). As always, if you are
considering an AFC, please be sure to discuss your aesthetic goals with your surgeon to ensure you are on
the same page about NOT wanting breast mounds.

Dr Cory Donovan, Goldilocks mastectomy

  • Listing ID: 20317
  • Medical License ID#: MD181298
  • Listing Source: Direct Patient Recommendation
  • Area of Flat Closure Expertise: Goldilocks (SWIM)
  • Facility: Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital
  • Surgeon's Gender: Female
Contact details

Legacy Medical Group-Surgical Oncology at Good Samaritan 1040 N.W. 22nd Ave., Suite 560 Portland, OR 97227Portland Area,Oregon,United States,97227 (503) 413-5525

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