Jörg Heil

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Note: Dr. Heil is the Oncoplastic Breast Consortium’s coordinator for Germany.


  • Listing ID: 1253
  • Medical License ID#: Unavailable
  • Listing Source: Direct Patient Recommendation
  • Area of Flat Closure Expertise: Initial Mastectomy
  • Facility: Klinik St. Elisabeth
  • Surgeon's Gender: Male
Contact details

Brustzentrum Heidelberg Breast Center Heidelberg Klinik St. Elisabeth Max-Reger-Strasse 5-7, 69121 Heidelberg GermanyGermany,69121 Heidelberg 06221-488-6000 brustzentrum@kse-hd.de http://www.brustzentrumheidelberg.de/

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