Back to Work at NPoaS!

An announcement from our Founder After an intensive six month professional relationship developing our sister organization Flat Closure NOW in collaboration with other flat advocacy powerhouse women, I have decided to refocus my advocacy efforts back to the grassroots work that matters so much to me – and that’s here at Not Putting on aContinue reading “Back to Work at NPoaS!”

New Resource Pages at Flat Closure NOW: Explant and Revision

New Resource Pages at Flat Closure NOW for Patients Seeking Explant and Revision Surgery EXPLANT SURGERY Our sister organization, Flat Closure NOW (FCN), just published a new resource page for women who have chosen to remove their breast implants (“explant“) and go flat! If you are considering going flat after explant, please visit FCN’s Explant PageContinue reading “New Resource Pages at Flat Closure NOW: Explant and Revision”

Focus on Flat Closure Techniques

Awareness Continues to Spread Word continues to spread among the surgical community that patients going flat after mastectomy expect their choice to be given the care and consideration it deserves – the same level that is afforded to the choice to reconstruct. Patients going flat expect a high-quality flat closure in one surgery whenever possible.Continue reading “Focus on Flat Closure Techniques”

Putting Flat on the Menu: Flat Closure NOW

At Not Putting on a Shirt, we are SO excited to announce the official launch of the new collaborative flat advocacy organization, Flat Closure NOW! Flat Closure NOW is an education and advocacy group dedicated to ensuring breast cancer patients and providers understand that “going flat” is a valid, beautiful, healthy surgical option after mastectomy. FlatContinue reading “Putting Flat on the Menu: Flat Closure NOW”