Pink Lotus Breast Center: Flat Denial is “Unthinkable”

Wise words from the digital platform of esteemed breast surgeon, author of “Breasts: An Owner’s Manual,” founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center and the Pink Lotus PowerUp Online Community, and special guest on the October 2nd Today Show segment on flat denial, Dr. Kristi Funk: “According to Dr. Kristi Funk, breast cancer surgeon and author ofContinue reading “Pink Lotus Breast Center: Flat Denial is “Unthinkable””

Word Continues to Spread through the Surgical Community

“We know that surgeons who perform breast surgery are also held accountable by their patients… This is kind of an uncomfortable place for us to be as breast surgeons.” – Oncoplastic surgeon Dr. Colleen Murphy, speaking at a University of Colorado conference (September 24, 2018) Word is spreading surprisingly quickly through the surgical community –Continue reading “Word Continues to Spread through the Surgical Community”

NPoaS on the Today Show!

Women’s health journalist and author of “FLAT: Reclaiming my body from breast cancer” Catherine Guthrie and Not Putting on a Shirt founder Kim Bowles were just featured on the Today Show this morning, talking to co-host Stephanie Gosk about paternalism and malpractice against mastectomy patients. For those of you who have been victims of flat denial (yourContinue reading “NPoaS on the Today Show!”

International Media Coverage Begins

International media coverage is starting to trickle in… in the same way that we at Not Putting on a Shirt hope that the still small voice of their conscience is now starting to trickle into the minds and hearts of the surgeons who are responsible for inflicting flat denial upon unwitting women. From Spain: “We wantContinue reading “International Media Coverage Begins”

Brut Media Publishes Not Putting on a Shirt Video

New media coverage alert! Digital platform Brut America, which publishes short news/issue videos on social media to engage viewers, has picked up on NPoaS’ patient rights activism and just published a great Facebook video about it. The only thing I’d mention is that the percentage of patients who choose to go flat is highly age-dependent. FromContinue reading “Brut Media Publishes Not Putting on a Shirt Video”

Harvard Medical School Social Work Program Manager Emeritus Speaks Out on Patient Consent (Article)

Oncology social workers are the change makers in the breast cancer patient’s world, which has suddenly contracted after diagnosis and transformed her life into something unrecognizable, confusing, and frightening. These multi-talented professionals help patients to navigate the new world and advocate for themselves. They often know about their patient’s experiences in an intimate and comprehensiveContinue reading “Harvard Medical School Social Work Program Manager Emeritus Speaks Out on Patient Consent (Article)”

ATTN: Greater Cleveland Area Women!

I am sending out a call to all greater Cleveland area women who have chosen not to reconstruct after mastectomy and were dissatisfied with their surgical result.  The esteemed Sara Goldenberg of local news station WOIO Channel 19, is looking for women to tell their stories in a follow-up piece to her original coverage ofContinue reading “ATTN: Greater Cleveland Area Women!”