International FLAT Day is October 7th!

“International FLAT Day” was created to celebrate going flat – to promote breast reconstruction awareness, to promote flat closure (breastless, chest wall reconstruction after mastectomy), to promote flat reconstruction as a valid choice, and to bring together the flat community in sisterhood! October is breast cancer awareness month, and the 7th is the “Day ofContinue reading “International FLAT Day is October 7th!”

FLAT Is Where It’s At Interviews Metro Surgical Associates

The FLAT Podcast Stephanie Astalos Jones, who shared her story with NPOAS last year, recently launched her project Flat Is Where It’s At – a podcast for and about flatties. Stephanie explains where her inspiration came from: None of us said, “Man, I wish someone would cut my boobs off.”, but since cancer came alongContinue reading “FLAT Is Where It’s At Interviews Metro Surgical Associates”

Now Online – Flat Friendly Surgeons Directory

Your new surgeon is just a click away. Great news for women going flat! Our 150+ strong, international Flat Friendly Surgeons Directory is now online, searchable and easy to use. Find a patient-recommended flat closure surgeon specializing in mastectomy, revision or explant near you. Show Your Support! Recommend a surgeon Our Directory surgeons are recommendedContinue reading “Now Online – Flat Friendly Surgeons Directory”

New Resource Pages at Flat Closure NOW: Explant and Revision (ARCHIVED)

New Resource Pages at Flat Closure NOW for Patients Seeking Explant and Revision Surgery EXPLANT SURGERY Our sister organization, Flat Closure NOW (FCN), just published a new resource page for women who have chosen to remove their breast implants (“explant“) and go flat! If you are considering going flat after explant, please visit FCN’s Explant PageContinue reading “New Resource Pages at Flat Closure NOW: Explant and Revision (ARCHIVED)”

Focus on Flat Closure Techniques

Awareness Continues to Spread Word continues to spread among the surgical community that patients going flat after mastectomy expect their choice to be given the care and consideration it deserves – the same level that is afforded to the choice to reconstruct. Patients going flat expect a high-quality flat closure in one surgery whenever possible.Continue reading “Focus on Flat Closure Techniques”

What Flat Denial Is, and Is Not

We would like to clear up any confusion about what flat denial is, and what it is not.  We want to directly address the conflation of minor cosmetic defects with the egregious results that constitute flat denial, as well as the conflation of women who were on the fence about reconstruction with those who madeContinue reading “What Flat Denial Is, and Is Not”

Putting Flat on the Menu: Flat Closure NOW (Archived)

At Not Putting on a Shirt, we are SO excited to announce the official launch of the new collaborative flat advocacy organization, Flat Closure NOW! Flat Closure NOW is an education and advocacy group dedicated to ensuring breast cancer patients and providers understand that “going flat” is a valid, beautiful, healthy surgical option after mastectomy. FlatContinue reading “Putting Flat on the Menu: Flat Closure NOW (Archived)”

NPR Interview With Catherine Guthrie

Women’s health journalist Catherine Guthrie, whose groundbreaking article in Cosmopolitan blew the lid off of flat denial, was just featured on NPR talking about her own story and about the struggle that women face getting our wishes respected and our needs met. And as you can see, she’s wearing her Not Putting on a ShirtContinue reading “NPR Interview With Catherine Guthrie”

NPoaS on the Today Show!

Women’s health journalist and author of “FLAT: Reclaiming my body from breast cancer” Catherine Guthrie and Not Putting on a Shirt founder Kim Bowles were just featured on the Today Show this morning, talking to co-host Stephanie Gosk about paternalism and malpractice against mastectomy patients. For those of you who have been victims of flat denial (yourContinue reading “NPoaS on the Today Show!”

Register now for the NPoaS Walk on Oct 23rd!

  You can now register here for Not Putting on a Shirt’s Walk on Oct 23rd (Tuesday).  Registration is easy and FREE!  This allows us to have an idea of how many people are planning to attend the event.  Unregistered walkers are also welcome to attend the Walk – we will make a registration sheet availableContinue reading “Register now for the NPoaS Walk on Oct 23rd!”