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Breastless & Beautiful FB Support Group
Breastless & Beautiful

We are living life Flat after Mastectomy due to breast cancer. Together, we are a network; supporting and exploring, considering and expressing a new body normal, together.

Flat & Fabulous

Founded by Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton & Barbie Ritzco, this closed group is for women who have undergone a mastectomy & are now living the Flat and FABulous life!
Fierce, Flat, Forward

Fierce, Flat, Forward is a support group for women at different points of their breast cancer journey who are either flat, going flat, or wanting to research/explore “living the FLAT life”—whether or not they choose to present as such in their daily lives.
Fabulously Flat (Unreconstructed Breast Cancer Survivors)

Support group for fabulous women who are considering or have elected not to have breast reconstruction following breast cancer.
Flat in Canada: Support and Advocacy

A place where women in Canada can find support in choosing to remain flat (no reconstruction) after mastectomy. Women choosing to explant after reconstruction are also welcome.
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Visibility Projects

Linkage Beauty Movement

We at Linkage Beauty Movement are here to stand firm in Beauty, Confidence, Acceptance and Strength. Guiding women into positive body ownership and appreciation for what we are chosen to bear.
Tout aussi femme

Marie-Claude Belzile’s extensive flat advocacy and visibility project on social media in Quebec
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The Flat Advocate

Katie Fink’s flat visibility on social media project in the US
Beauty Through the Beast

Chiara D’Agostino’s MBC and flat advocacy
International FLAT Day

Shares flat visibility images throughout the year and celebrates the flat community on October 7th


FLAT is where it’s at
Stephanie Astalos-Jones

Flat Fashion Projects

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