Aesthetic Flat Closure Gallery

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New Resource! AFC Scar Patterns & More

Going flat & wondering about scar patterns, nipple preservation, and other aesthetic specifics? We got…

Lori's Story: I Chose AFC for Quality of Life

Lori leads an active lifestyle and chose to go flat ten years ago, before "aesthetic…

Samantha's Story: She Wears Her Scars Like a Warrior

Samantha was only 31 with a young family when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.…

Dee’s Story: I Wish I Opted Not to Reconstruct

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Dee reconstructed with textured implants and had them for twelve…

Charen’s Story: Authenticity & Health

Charen, a legislator in New England, made an informed choice to go flat after her…

Kourtnii’s Story: I Struggled to Get the Flat Surgery I Chose

Kourtnii was faced with a DCIS diagnosis at the age of 26. She wanted a…

Book on Explanting - Now Available

Written by licensed social worker and psychotherapist Amanda Savage Brown, Busting Free gives you the evidence-based tools you need to make the decision that aligns with your values and priorities.

"When Boobs Go Bad" Article on Medium

"When Boobs Go Bad: A Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month," is a fantastic article co-authored by Sara Nash of FLATworks Press & Christy Avila, founder of International FLAT Day and Fierce Flat Forward and NPOAS VP.