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New Resource! AFC Scar Patterns & More

Going flat & wondering about scar patterns, nipple preservation, and other aesthetic specifics? We got…

Lori’s Story: I Chose AFC for Quality of Life

Lori leads an active lifestyle and chose to go flat ten years ago, before "aesthetic…

Samantha’s Story: She Wears Her Scars Like a Warrior

Samantha was only 31 with a young family when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.…

Dee’s Story: I Wish I Opted Not to Reconstruct

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Dee reconstructed with textured implants and had them for twelve…

Charen’s Story: Authenticity & Health

Charen, a legislator in New England, made an informed choice to go flat after her…

Kourtnii’s Story: I Struggled to Get the Flat Surgery I Chose

Kourtnii was faced with a DCIS diagnosis at the age of 26. She wanted a…

Book on Explanting – Now Available

Written by licensed social worker and psychotherapist Amanda Savage Brown, Busting Free gives you the evidence-based tools you need to make the decision that aligns with your values and priorities.

“When Boobs Go Bad” Article on Medium

"When Boobs Go Bad: A Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month," is a fantastic article co-authored by Sara Nash of FLATworks Press & Christy Avila, founder of International FLAT Day and Fierce Flat Forward and NPOAS VP.

My initial surgical result is not flat. Why?

When you (the patient) HAVE been able to clearly communicate your affirmative choice to go flat, the quality of your initial surgical result is largely determined by three things: your specific anatomy, your medical situation and history, and the level of skill and regard on the part of your closure surgeon.