Mission and Values

Not Putting on a Shirt is a 501(c)(3) organization advocating for optimal surgical outcomes for women who choose to go flat after mastectomy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for satisfactory aesthetic outcomes – as agreed upon by the mastectomy patient and surgeon(s) – for those who choose to go flat. We inform and support patients, demand increased accountability for medical professionals and institutions, and collaborate with patients and the surgeons who care for them to establish resources and protocols that will make a difference.

Our Core Values

Clear Language

Full Disclosure

Women must be given full and accurate information about ALL of their reconstructive options, including aesthetic flat closure.

Shared Decision Making

Evidence-Based Medicine


Fair Reimbursement

Systemic Parity

Our Work

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What People Saying About Our Mission

“[Doctors] should respect a patient’s wishes and not think they can make a decision which impacts the way a person sees themselves.”

Nita Noons Shaw, Fabulously Flat (Unreconstructed Breast Cancer Survivors)

“After suffering an amputation or worse (sometimes double amputation, sometimes cancer), a woman should not be left purposefully maimed. “

Kimberly Pantel, NPOAS supporter

“Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in there own body! [N]o one else has the right to make a choice of what you should want your body to look like!“

Anna Lee Lorenzen , NPOAS supporter

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