Providers: Get Involved

Here are eight ways you can support patients going flat and flat advocacy today!

1. Apply to be listed on our Flat Friendly Surgeons Directory. Connect with more patients going flat and showcase your flat closure expertise.

2. Order My Choice: AFC brochures for your clinical practice. These brochures are available free of charge and support your patients in their decision making process.

3. Update your practice website to include AFC. This is an important part of presenting going flat as an equal option alongside breast reconstruction.

4. Submit before & after photos of your patients to the AFC Surgical Photo Database at Help us populate this database, which will be used for research as well as setting expectations.

5. Lobby within your professional associations for an improved standard of care for AFC, especially better training for general surgery residents. Aesthetic flat closure should involve careful removal of all redundant lateral tissue, obliteration of the inframammary fold, and the production of smooth, symmetric incision closures (Karp et. al., 2022).

6. Join the NPOAS Advisory Council or the AFC Research & Training Working Group (AFC-WG). The AFC-WG is a council of breast and plastic surgeons, researchers and patient advocates working to identify and advance a research and surgical training agenda to support the development of an evidence-based, optimal standard of care for aesthetic flat closure. Contact us with questions, comments or ideas!

7. Sign up for our newsletter for flat advocacy news, updates & volunteering opportunities.

8. Donate to support our work. As NPOAS is an all-volunteer organization, 100% of your donation funds our advocacy work.

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