NY AFC Bill Passes in Senate!

This Just In… NY Bill has PASSED in the Senate! As of May 31st, the New York AFC bill has passed in the Senate, and should be signed into law by the governor later this year! Women in New York State will no longer have to fight their insurance companies to get coverage for theirContinue reading “NY AFC Bill Passes in Senate!”

NY Bill A8537 Marching Forward!

Big news on the legislative advocacy front! NY Bill A8537 – Insurance Coverage for AFC has just cleared a major hurdle. The bill has passed in the Assembly, and is on its way to the Senate! Next, it’ll go to the governor’s desk to be signed into law… and that will mean no more denialsContinue reading “NY Bill A8537 Marching Forward!”

NY Bill Co-Sponsors Sign On & RALLY!

Great news! NY Bill A8537 – Insurance Coverage for Aesthetic Flat Closure – now has SIX additional sponsors in the Assembly! Assemblywomen Alicia Hyndman, Rebecca A. Seawright, and Judy Griffin, and Assemblymen Peter J. Abbate, John T. McDonald III, and Jeffrion L. Aubry have all signed on as co-sponsors to support the bill. A virtualContinue reading “NY Bill Co-Sponsors Sign On & RALLY!”

ASPS Supports NY Bill

HUGE NEWS! The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the New York State Society of Plastic Surgeons are supporting the NY Bill to ensure insurance coverage for aesthetic flat closure (i.e., chest wall reconstruction)! Learn more about the bill and sign the petition at NotPuttingonaShirt.org/NYBill #putflatonthemenu #aestheticflatclosure

Support AFC Legislation in New York State!

NY State Assembly Bill A08537 – Insurance Coverage for Aesthetic Flat Closure After Mastectomy SIGN THE PETITION Following direct talks with NPOAS leadership in October, Rep. Stacey Pheffer Amato of NY District 23 has introduced a bill in the New York State Assembly to protect mastectomy patients seeking aesthetic flat closure by ensuring their surgeryContinue reading “Support AFC Legislation in New York State!”