My initial surgical result is not flat. Why?

When you (the patient) HAVE been able to clearly communicate your affirmative choice to go flat, the quality of your initial surgical result is largely determined by three things: your specific anatomy, your medical situation and history, and the level of skill and regard on the part of your closure surgeon.

Dee’s Story: I Wish I Opted Not to Reconstruct

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Dee reconstructed with textured implants and had them for twelve years before one ruptured, resulting in multiple complications. She learned about BIA-ALCL and breast implant illness after the fact, and explanted only to have her surgeon intentionally deny her the agreed upon flat closure. Dee suffered greatly because of herContinue reading “Dee’s Story: I Wish I Opted Not to Reconstruct”

Finally Flat: Suzie’s Revision Story

Editor: For women who initially chose implant reconstruction, and are dissatisfied with their implant experience (there are multiple reasons this may happen – pain, infection, capsular contracture, skin healing issues, implant migration, etc.), the next step is to remove the implants.  This procedure is called “explant.” After explant, there will almost always be significant excessContinue reading “Finally Flat: Suzie’s Revision Story”

Finally Flat: Stephanie’s Revision Story

Editor: It may be shocking to hear that Stephanie’s original surgeon admitted to her face, after the surgery, that he had purposefully left “a little extra” in case she “changed her mind.” But she isn’t the only victim who has described this scenario. And right now, the surgeons who behave in this manner know thatContinue reading “Finally Flat: Stephanie’s Revision Story”