Kourtnii’s Story: I Struggled to Get the Flat Surgery I Chose

Kourtnii was faced with a DCIS diagnosis at the age of 26. She wanted a double mastectomy without reconstruction but repeatedly received intense, paternalistic pushback from the surgeons she consulted. Ultimately she had to have two separate mastectomy surgeries and didn’t get the aesthetic outcome she wanted. She does not regret her decision to stayContinue reading “Kourtnii’s Story: I Struggled to Get the Flat Surgery I Chose”

Charen’s Story: Authenticity & Health

Charen, a legislator in New England, made an informed choice to go flat after her prophylactic bilateral mastectomy for BRCA-1. She prioritized her health and function as well as having a short surgery and recovery period. Her surgeon respected her wishes. Two weeks after surgery, Charen was back to hiking and living her life! DueContinue reading “Charen’s Story: Authenticity & Health”

Samantha’s Story: She Wears Her Scars Like a Warrior

Samantha was only 31 with a young family when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She deliberated carefully and decided on a bilateral mastectomy with aesthetic flat closure. Her surgeon did an amazing job. Samantha wants women to feel empowered to make the right choice for them, whatever that choice may be. “She wears herContinue reading “Samantha’s Story: She Wears Her Scars Like a Warrior”

Lori’s Story: I Chose AFC for Quality of Life

Lori leads an active lifestyle and chose to go flat ten years ago, before “aesthetic flat closure” was on the books. Her surgeon pushed back because of her age, but ultimately respected her wishes, and Lori is happy with her choice. I chose aesthetic flat closure 10 years ago before it had a name. IContinue reading “Lori’s Story: I Chose AFC for Quality of Life”