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Not Putting on a Shirt is now included as a resource on the shared decision making* app, Breast Advocate, now available on iPhone and Android!

The app is produced by Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo of PRMA Plastic Surgery.

You can find our revised brochure, “Going Flat After Mastectomy? How to Ensure You Get An Acceptable Surgical Result,” on the app in the Treatment section (I want to go flat/Files), or by clicking on the title above. You can print this brochure out and bring it to your consult as well!

WHY do we need an app, you ask? I asked the same thing when I first heard about it! Here’s why we need this app:

Like Flat Closure NOW [[Note: NPOAS does not affiliate with this organization]], this app serves as a centralized resource for information, so it’s easy to navigate. Everyone has their phone with them at their surgical consult… you can use the app to access these resources right there. This will help you to participate more fully in the surgery decision. And this app covers ALL of your reconstructive options, including going flat. That’s so important.

We’re so thankful that Dr. C has #putflatonthemenu!

Flat Closure NOW (FCN) and individual board member’s projects are included as well: Flatties Unite – GROUP, and Flat in Canada. Advocate Rebecca Pine of The Breast and the Sea has also contributed lots of flat resource materials. And Sondra Price of Bullshit Breast Cancer and President of FCN played a key role in facilitating this collaboration. [[Note: NPOAS does not affiliate with any of the aforementioned organizations – links removed 9/20]]

* Shared Decision Making (SDM) in medicine is an approach where the physician presents the patient with all of the available options, the patient presents the physician with their preferences and values, and they make a decision together collaboratively. Look for a blog post on SDM soon here at Not Putting on a Shirt.

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