Last Week to Participate in Our 2018 Survey


We are now in the last week of data collection for our 2018 survey.

“Going Flat After Mastectomies” 2018 Survey

(request your participant code here)

If you have gone flat after mastectomy, please consider participating in this short, anonymized survey. It’s an opportunity to contribute to ending flat denial that’s quick and easy. We want to hear from ALL women who decided to go flat… whether your result was great, unacceptable, or somewhere in between! At the end of the survey, there is room for open-ended comments about your experience.

The purpose of this survey is to gather important data on when, where, and how flat denial does (and does not) happen. The survey will have run from July 2018 to January 2019. It’s not a scientific sample, but our hope is that having this data to present to researchers will spark their interest in flat denial and eventually lead to a scientific study that will provide a reliable framework for professionals to use to address flat denial effectively.

The way we anonymize the survey data is by using a “participant code” that is assigned to each participant. (Information is linked to the participant code rather than to participant’s name or other identifying information.) You can request that code here.

Not Putting on a Shirt will be publishing a report on our findings in mid-February. Stay tuned!

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The Survey

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Together, we WILL put an end to flat denial!




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