Meet Our Advisors: Yara Robertson, MD, FACS

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Meet Our Advisors

Our Advisory Council consists of leaders in the professional community who have generously donated their time and expertise to advise the “Not Putting on a Shirt” Board of Directors. We sat down with them to talk about who they are and why they support aesthetic flat closure.

Yara V. Robertson, MD, FACS

Advisor, Breast Surgical Oncology

Yara V. Robertson, MD, FACS, is a board-certified general surgeon and fellowship-trained breast surgical oncologist. Dr. Robertson has been in Atlanta, GA since 2011 providing quality breast cancer care and has been passionate about eliminating disparities in breast cancer treatment, especially in the African American community. She lectures on breast health and participates in numerous health fairs providing free clinical breast exams. She has previously served as Vice-Chairman of Sisters by Choice, a non-profit organization that provides education and free breast health screenings to uninsured women as well as support for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

As a kidney cancer survivor herself, Dr. Robertson is fully aware of the importance of the patient’s role in shared decision making and advocates for patient centered care.  Dr. Robertson believes that women who choose to go flat after a mastectomy deserve a surgical result that is aesthetically pleasing to them and fully supports the mission of Not Putting on a Shirt.

Dr. Robertson is a breast surgical oncologist who has been practicing in Atlanta, GA since 2011. She is passionate about eliminating disparities in breast cancer treatment, especially in the African American community. She has also served as Vice-Chair of Sisters by Choice and is a kidney cancer survivor herself. She’s a strong advocate for patient choice and shared decision making as well.

Learn more about Dr. Robertson and why she supports aesthetic flat closure by watching the interview:

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