Welcome to the Council of International Advocates: Fia Jigrud & Hanna Bjorknas of Plattnormen (Sweden)

Welcome to NPOAS Council of International Advocates, Plattnormen

We are thrilled to welcome Fia Jigrud & Hanna Bjorknas of Plattnormen to our Council of International Advocates! Fia and Hanna are both young breast cancer survivors in Sweden. Plattnormen is their patient-led flat advocacy organization working to make sure that Swedish women have full control over their bodies when facing breast cancer surgery – going flat and having PBM’s if they wish (prophylactic contralateral mastectomy). Visit their website or follow Plattnormen on Instagram to learn more about their work! They also have a community support group on Facebook.

“My femininity isn’t tied to my breasts. I now live flat, single-breasted and actually love my body more now than before.”

Hanna Bjornkas

“I want to show that it is actually okay to be flat, that we are neither ugly nor mentally ill from our flatness. A flat chest is a normal body shape!”

Fia Jigrud

The Council of International Advocates consists of leaders in the flat advocacy community worldwide who have come together cooperatively to advance the interests of women going flat after mastectomy. The Council presents a unified message to stakeholders across the globe that aesthetic flat closure deserves parity.

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Founder of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization that advocates for optimal surgical outcomes for patients going flat.

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