NPOAS welcomes Joanna Atzori (@UnBreasted) from Australia to the Council of International Advocates!

NPOAS is thrilled to welcome Joanna Atzori (Australia) to our Council of International Advocates! Joanna is passionate about ensuring women in Australia, particularly younger women, know about their breast cancer risk and their rights under Australian law. She advocates for awareness & aesthetic flat closure at UnBreasted and on Instagram @jatzori

“Joanna is a breast cancer survivor since 2019 when, at the age of 41, an impromptu mammogram discovered triple-positive invasive DCIS cancer throughout her entire right breast which had spread to her lymph nodes. Following her unilateral mastectomy, she lived for 18 months as a uniboober but became increasingly dissatisfied with her appearance and remaining saggy left E cup breast. 

“After her active breast cancer treatment concluded in 2020, Joanna was certain that reconstruction was not what she wanted. She opted for prophylactic mastectomy of her remaining left breast and at the time she had no idea she was receiving an aesthetic flat closure. She was blessed to be under the care of a patient-focused surgeon who never once pressured Joanna into opting for reconstruction. 

“In the same year as her diagnosis, Joanna became a co-administrator of the Sunshine Coast Breast Cancer Friendship Circle, a social group for breast cancer survivors who meet regularly to connect and offer each other friendship, support and understanding. She is an active member of her local breast cancer community and receives enormous satisfaction from supporting others in their survivorship. She is a state representative of Can At 40, Do at 45, a national campaign advocating for Australian government changes to more actively promote free breast screening services to women aged 40 years and older. Her remarkable diagnosis story has been published in That’s Life! magazine and the Sunshine Coast Daily where she proudly shares the story of her life-saving mammogram and her satisfaction with choosing aesthetic flat closure.”



Hashtag: #UnBreasted (formerly #TheUniboober)

Published by Not Putting on a Shirt

Founder of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization that advocates for optimal surgical outcomes for patients going flat.

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