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“Going flat” mastectomy photos

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Aesthetic Flat Closure Photos

These aesthetic flat closures are the work of surgeons who applied their skill and training to benefit these women at their time of greatest need, so that when they awoke from surgery, they would see the beautiful flat chest that they chose and made peace with. These women and their surgeons should be proud. A beautiful aesthetic flat closure is a gift of healing from provider to patient. If you have an image you’d like to share, please let us know! These photos are organized by surgical circumstance – initial mastectomy, revision, explant (and mastectomy tattoos!) To view Goldilocks mastectomy photos, visit the Goldilocks page.


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Flat Denial

These images are hard to look at, but the fact is that images make the case in a way that words never can. All of these women clearly and unequivocally asked to be flat. If you have an image you’d like to share – or to share your story, or even just to get support – please contact us. Learn more about flat denial.

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Mastectomy Tattoos

One way women take back ownership over their bodies after mastectomy is by getting a tattoo over our scars that is personal and meaningful. Just look at these beautiful flat chests! If you have an image you’d like to share, please let us know! (All photos are CC0 unless otherwise noted).

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” [Mastectomy tattoos can] transform their sense of disfigurement and loss of control into feelings of beauty and agency.”

Tattoo Artist David Allen, Moving the Needle on Recovery From Breast Cancer: The Healing Role of Postmastectomy Tattoos

Lifestyle Photos

Women are happy flat. We are beautiful, and we are whole human beings who lead active, full lives. We know that breasts do not make the woman, and that FLAT is beautiful! If you have a project you’d like us to add, please let us know! (All photos are CC0 unless otherwise noted). Check out the dozens of amazing flat and body-positive projects, both personal and professional, online and on social media:

Linkage Beauty Movement
Here to stand firm in Beauty, Confidence, Acceptance and Strength. Guiding women into positive body ownership and appreciation for what we are chosen to bear.
Less Than Two Breasts
An IG advocacy campaign to normalize bodies after breast cancer and to rethink cultural concepts of femininity. 
Tout aussi femme
Marie-Claude Belzile’s flat advocacy project on social media in Quebec (Facebook)
International FLAT Day
Celebrating FLAT as a worthy and beautiful reconstructive choice! (Facebook)
The Grace Project
Charise Isis’ beauty through mastectomy photography project (registered nonprofit)
The Scar Project
David Jay’s beautiful professional portraits of young women with breast cancer
Navy veteran, figure competitor and breast cancer survivor Amber Dawn Rice
Ngozi Ejedimu’s breast cancer advocacy from Nigeria
Charity Sadé
(@charitysade) is a comedian, writer, activist, teacher and breast cancer advocate living flat in D.C.
Tina Martel is an artist, author, educator, and two time breast cancer survivor living the flat life and promoting body positivity.
Juliet Fitzpatrick
Living flat & advocate for choice after mastectomy.
Wildfire Magazine
“Too young” for breast cancer, fighting nonetheless.
FLAT is where it’s at
(Instagram) Stephanie Astalos-Jones’ on all things flat!
Complètement FEMME
Daring to be whole after mastectomy (L’audace d’être entière après une mastectomie)
Ablatio mammae – Selbstbewusst ohne Brust e. V. – AMSOB
(@selbstbewusstohnebrust) AMSOB ist ein Verein der sich für Frauen nach Brustkrebs oder prophylaktischer Operation (#BRCA 1&2) ohne Rekonstruktion stark macht.
Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo
Artist, mother, 3x cancer survivor and dreamer….
Laurie Ratliff is a long time stage IV BC survivor and audo-visual artist and advocate.
Samantha Paige
Sam is an artist, author, teacher
and creator of @lastcutproject
Flat Closure NOW
Promoting self-love, and body positivity, creating community, providing support, and educating with a focus on advocating through visual arts.
Rebecca Pine
Speaker, Survivor, Workshop Facilitator, Transformation Coach, Co-Founder of The Breast and the Sea- Empowering Through Healing Our Inner Scars
Jamie Lee (Spero Hope, LLC)
Jamie Lee is a Christian, wife, Mom, and breast cancer survivor.
Christina Belding
Artist, baker, cat lover, movie fan, gym rat and world traveler
Lisabeth 🌺Live Aloha!🍍 (IG @ocr_wahine)
FireWife+DogMom • Run+OCR
A young physical therapist & BRCA2 previvor living flat
Rocki • That Flat Chick
@livingflatoutloud (IG)
Thriver/Survivor BC 2012, Melanoma, Chronic Illness
@mscarlahill (IG)
TV host, model, & breast cancer and kidney transplant survivor
Free To Be Imperfect
Showing that choosing no reconstruction is a valid choice.
PlattNormen logo
@plattnormen (IG)
Sweden’s flat advocacy nonprofit PlattNormen – supporting freedom of choice in mastectomy
Cover for Instagram flat fashion: The Flattie Closet
The Flattie Closet
(IG @theflattiecloset)
Casey is a BRCA1+ previvor embracing life & style as a flattie
Cover for Instagram flat fashion: Flattie Trip Mom
Flattie Trip Mom
(IG @flattie_mom)
Flattie fashion + mom life
Cover for Instagram flat fashion: Denise Archer
Denise Archer (IG)
Sewer, writer, embroiderer

Cover for Instagram flat fashion: @thebooblesswonder
@thebooblesswonder (IG)
Editor, writer, maker, BRCA2+ flattie living without breast reconstruction

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