NCCN’s 2022 Guidelines for Patients Updated to Include “Flat Closure”

A Huge WIN for Patient Education! Groundbreaking News! Absolutely stellar news from flat advocates Robyn Towt (GPAC) and Andrea Citarelli Ottaiano (Silver Lining Holistic Health)! These amazing women worked with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) on the 2022 updates of the breast cancer patient guidelines to include flat closure as an explicit, valid reconstructiveContinue reading “NCCN’s 2022 Guidelines for Patients Updated to Include “Flat Closure””

Melissa’s Story: Breasts Don’t Define Me

Melissa learned she was a BRCA carrier after losing her mother and sister to cancer in short order. She chose to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction and believes that breasts do not define who she is as a woman. My mother was a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed at age 64, she underwent chemo,Continue reading “Melissa’s Story: Breasts Don’t Define Me”

Kristin’s Story: Is It Worth It?

At age 31, Kristin was told her only option after her mastectomy if she wanted to keep her self-esteem intact was to reconstruct her breasts. Kristin experienced significant pain and post-operative complications from her tissue expanders, and her plastic surgeon installed much larger implants than she initially wanted. She was never comfortable, physically or emotionally,Continue reading “Kristin’s Story: Is It Worth It?”

“In Search of True Informed Consent” (Wildfire Magazine)

NPOAS VP Christy Avila tells us more about her article “In Search of True Informed Consent” that was published in the most recent issue of Wildfire Magazine

New Explant Brochure

Women Going Flat Need Support to Advocate for Their Choice. Those who are facing explant post-mastectomy are particularly in need of solid, concise and comprehensive information that they can use during their consult to ensure their decision is respected. That’s because these women are really looking at two procedures: explant AND flat closure, neither ofContinue reading “New Explant Brochure”