Suzie – “Deflated” after explant

Flat Denial with mastectomy photo background
Editor: For women who initially chose implant reconstruction, and are dissatisfied with their implant experience (there are multiple reasons this may happen – pain, infection, capsular contracture, skin healing issues, implant migration, etc.), the next step is to remove the implants.  This procedure is called “explant.”  After explant, there will almost always be significant excess skin remaining, and if the surgeon does not remove it, the patient is left looking “deflated” which for most women is an absolutely unacceptable result.  Removing the excess skin takes time and skill.  Women who choose to explant are no less deserving of a decent flat result, than women who choose flat from the beginning.  As competent adults, women are allowed to change our minds FOR ANY REASON, and surgeons are duty bound to respect our wishes.  Our bodies, our choice.
I had been diagnosed with hormone driven breast cancer on August 5, 2017. I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction which cause me nothing but pain and discomfort even after the implants were put in. I couldn’t take it anymore, constant pain and got extremely frustrated after just 8 months of having them so I chose to have them removed!
The insurance company tried to deny this surgery on the grounds I did not meet two criteria: the implants were not leaking, and there was no infection,  But my plastic surgeon told me it would be covered under “revision”! He got the notice from them the day before my surgery and I received the notice the day AFTER! Well, he fought with them and overturned that decision. However, I am not happy with the cosmetic results!
He made NO ATTEMPT to remove any leftover skin and I look like my tits have just been deflated! Well, after

sending a scathing email to my nurse navigator, which she in turn shared with the plastic surgeon and her administrator, the plastic surgeon’s office called me the very next day to bump up my appointment to next Tuesday. He wanted to see me right away but the scheduling as not conducive to my schedule.

[To the left] is a picture of how I look currently. Let’s keep sending this important message to both the surgeons and insurance companies! These results are completely unacceptable!

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4 thoughts on “Suzie – “Deflated” after explant

  1. I’ve been desperate for a boob job my entire life .I’m 45 and have obsessed over how my life would be better if only I had boobs as I’m a 34A cup or AA when I lose weight . For the first time in my life I can actually afford them and these pictures have put me off having surgery now and made me realise I should be grateful with what I have as things could be much worse thankyou so much for your bravery showing people these photos. And making me realise its not the be all and end all .wish I hadn’t spent years obsessed with the idea of the so called “perfect” boobs . And just appreciated what I have

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