Pioneers in Flat Advocacy: Stephanie Astalos-Jones (FLAT Is Where It’s At)

A blog series designed to highlight and amplify the voices of the flat advocates who blazed the trail and laid the foundation for those that followed.

Flat Denial: Who is Most at Risk?

We’re All at Risk, Right? Our research, presented last year at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, has identified several probable factors that patients going flat should be aware of. While all patients going flat face some risk – roughly 2-3 in 20 end up with an egregiously poor cosmetic result and one of thoseContinue reading “Flat Denial: Who is Most at Risk?”

Julie – “It Isn’t Right, But It Is My Reality”

Editor: Julie H. Rose knew that she wanted to go flat from the moment she was diagnosed. And yet, her medical team – including the female surgeon that she had chosen specifically to try to protect herself from paternalism – made her explain her decision over and over again, as though her choice was invalid.Continue reading “Julie – “It Isn’t Right, But It Is My Reality””