My initial surgical result is not flat. Why?

When you (the patient) HAVE been able to clearly communicate your affirmative choice to go flat, the quality of your initial surgical result is largely determined by three things: your specific anatomy, your medical situation and history, and the level of skill and regard on the part of your closure surgeon.

Kourtnii’s Story: I Struggled to Get the Flat Surgery I Chose

Kourtnii was faced with a DCIS diagnosis at the age of 26. She wanted a double mastectomy without reconstruction but repeatedly received intense, paternalistic pushback from the surgeons she consulted. Ultimately she had to have two separate mastectomy surgeries and didn’t get the aesthetic outcome she wanted. She does not regret her decision to stayContinue reading “Kourtnii’s Story: I Struggled to Get the Flat Surgery I Chose”

Dee’s Story: I Wish I Opted Not to Reconstruct

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Dee reconstructed with textured implants and had them for twelve years before one ruptured, resulting in multiple complications. She learned about BIA-ALCL and breast implant illness after the fact, and explanted only to have her surgeon intentionally deny her the agreed upon flat closure. Dee suffered greatly because of herContinue reading “Dee’s Story: I Wish I Opted Not to Reconstruct”

Melinda’s Story: Intentional Flat Denial 10yrs Ago

Melinda was 60 years old when she learned she had breast cancer for the second time, and decided to have a bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction. However, her surgeon had other ideas and said that going flat was “a bad idea.” Melinda was never satisfied with her closure. Ten years later her dermatologist confirmed thatContinue reading “Melinda’s Story: Intentional Flat Denial 10yrs Ago”

Fiona’s Story: I Instantly Knew I Would Stay Flat

Even though Fiona knew immediately that she wanted to stay flat after her mastectomy, she met with pushback at every turn.  Her surgeon required that she have a psychological consultation before agreeing to remove her “healthy” breast. She was treated as “less than” because of her decision to go flat. She was not given anContinue reading “Fiona’s Story: I Instantly Knew I Would Stay Flat”