New Explant Brochure

Women Going Flat Need Support to Advocate for Their Choice. Those who are facing explant post-mastectomy are particularly in need of solid, concise and comprehensive information that they can use during their consult to ensure their decision is respected. That’s because these women are really looking at two procedures: explant AND flat closure, neither ofContinue reading “New Explant Brochure”

NPoaS Survey 2018 Report

Download the entire report here. The data analysis is in from our “Going Flat After Mastectomy Survey 2018.” Many thanks to those who participated in this important work! Addressing the Data Deficit on Flat Closure There is little to no data in the existing body of scientific literature that specifically addresses the quality of lifeContinue reading “NPoaS Survey 2018 Report”

Guidelines for Victims of Flat Denial: Navigating the Aftermath

Not Putting on a Shirt has written new guidelines to help victims of flat denial navigate the aftermath of this traumatic experience.  The guidelines include: Taking care of your emotional well-being Ensuring that you receive proper medical care Considering revision surgery Finding a new surgeon Steps you can take to get justice You can access form lettersContinue reading “Guidelines for Victims of Flat Denial: Navigating the Aftermath”

How to Ensure You Get an Acceptable Surgical Result: Guidelines for Patients

Not Putting on a Shirt has created an informational brochure (UPDATED!) for patients who have chosen to go flat after mastectomy, to help patients protect themselves from flat denial.  Every patient deserves to have the cosmetic result that they choose following mastectomy, and to have that done in one surgery whenever possible.  Since right now it’s aContinue reading “How to Ensure You Get an Acceptable Surgical Result: Guidelines for Patients”