Guidelines for Victims of Flat Denial: Navigating the Aftermath

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Not Putting on a Shirt has written new guidelines to help victims of flat denial navigate the aftermath of this traumatic experience.  The guidelines include:

  • Taking care of your emotional well-being
  • Ensuring that you receive proper medical care
  • Considering revision surgery
  • Finding a new surgeon
  • Steps you can take to get justice

You can access form letters and templates to use in your efforts to get justice here.

An excerpt from the guidelines’ introduction, Our Message to Victims:

Did you decide against breast reconstruction, and agree on a flat closure in consult with your surgeon prior to the operation? Did you wake up to a result that is nowhere near “flat”? It may be a moderate amount of excess tissue that was left, or it may rise to the level of what’s called a “skin-sparing” procedure which essentially leaves “deflated breasts” to facilitate implant reconstruction. And/or it may be that the closure was done carelessly amd inexpertly, resulting in puckering, folds/creases, significant “dog ears,” and other uncomfortable and unsightly not-flat outcomes. In either case, if you suspect that you are a victim of flat denial, we are here to tell you: this is NOT your fault, and you’re not alone. This happens to women all the time, unfortunately. And until we can put a stop to it, women are going to have to deal with the aftermath.”

– Guidelines for Victims of Flat Denial: Navigating the Aftermath

If you have questions or comments, or if you would like to have this document sent to you directly either via email or the postal service, please email us at

To access our curated list of “flat-friendly” surgeons, please send us an email.

Together, we WILL put an end to flat denial!

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Founder of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization that advocates for optimal surgical outcomes for patients going flat.

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