My Body, My Choice: Aesthetic Flat Closure After Mastectomy

Our Bodies Ourselves published our guest post about aesthetic flat closure! Thanks to Our Bodies Ourselves for helping spread the word about aesthetic flat closure! This pioneering organization has worked to promote women’s health and bodily autonomy for decades. Every woman facing mastectomy deserves full and fair disclosure of all of her reconstructive options, andContinue reading “My Body, My Choice: Aesthetic Flat Closure After Mastectomy”

“In Search of True Informed Consent” (Wildfire Magazine)

NPOAS VP Christy Avila tells us more about her article “In Search of True Informed Consent” that was published in the most recent issue of Wildfire Magazine

Guest Blog: Plastics Closure Should Be Routine

Marie-Claude Belzile of Tout aussi femme is the leading voice for flat advocacy in Quebec. She recently published her book Penser le Sein Feministe (Considering the Feminist Breast) which deconstructs the cultural narrative about going flat. The Importance of Having a Plastic Surgeon at the Initial Mastectomy for Women Who Choose Flat Closure Editor’s Comment:Continue reading “Guest Blog: Plastics Closure Should Be Routine”

NPoaS Survey 2018 Report

Download the entire report here. The data analysis is in from our “Going Flat After Mastectomy Survey 2018.” Many thanks to those who participated in this important work! Addressing the Data Deficit on Flat Closure There is little to no data in the existing body of scientific literature that specifically addresses the quality of lifeContinue reading “NPoaS Survey 2018 Report”

Should I Confront My Surgeon?

Confronting Your Surgeon After Flat Denial: A Personal Choice Preface by NPoaS Founder, Kim Bowles If you have been a victim of flat denial, I wrote this for you. Before we delve into the issue of confronting your surgeon, I want to make sure that you hear this: You’re not alone; This is not your fault;Continue reading “Should I Confront My Surgeon?”

The Middle Way? SWIM

Reconstructing a normal anatomic chest contour post-mastectomy using a new plastic surgery technique without implants or distant tissue donor sites As patient demand grows for high quality, aesthetically pleasing flat mastectomy closures, cutting edge surgical techniques will be part of the conversation. Today we discuss a new technique called the “Goldilocks mastectomy,” or SWIM. ThisContinue reading “The Middle Way? SWIM”

Aesthetic Results Matter to Male Patients Too

Just before the holiday, the BBC published an article featuring a UK man, Peter Bagnall, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and was denied surgery to produce a symmetric aesthetic result, causing him immense emotional distress. Men represent less than 1% of all breast cancer diagnoses, but that number represents thousands of men every yearContinue reading “Aesthetic Results Matter to Male Patients Too”

Focus on Flat Closure Techniques

Awareness Continues to Spread Word continues to spread among the surgical community that patients going flat after mastectomy expect their choice to be given the care and consideration it deserves – the same level that is afforded to the choice to reconstruct. Patients going flat expect a high-quality flat closure in one surgery whenever possible.Continue reading “Focus on Flat Closure Techniques”