AFC Info at! is the premier online educational resource for breast cancer, with information about risk, diagnosis, treatments, surgical options, survivorship and more. We are so happy to announce that as of today, that information includes aesthetic flat closure! Many people think of reconstructive surgery as breast reconstruction with tissue flaps or implants. But aesthetic flat closureContinue reading “AFC Info at!”

New Flat Closure Technique Article!

Just published in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) Global Open, a fantastic technique article “Not Just a Linear Closure: Aesthetic Flat Closure after Mastectomy” by Drs. Kerry Morrison and Nolan Karp. The article’s major takeaways for surgeons include: listen to the patient, and to fully understand the patient’s concerns, wishes, and particular aesthetic desired sitContinue reading “New Flat Closure Technique Article!”

Fall 2021 AFC in the Media Roundup

May 05, 2021 “People have questioned me for not getting implants but the truth is none of us feel truly normal, accepted, or good enough to escape the judgment of others.” Bethany Elliott Sell Read Bethany’s whole article published at the Daily Mail ! July 20, 2021 “Patricia has had breast cancer four times sinceContinue reading “Fall 2021 AFC in the Media Roundup”