Flat Closure is Reconstructive, NOT Cosmetic

“Reconstructive” vs “Cosmetic”Surgery

In the world of plastic surgery, reconstructive procedures are usually covered by insurance while cosmetic procedures are usually not covered. The question is, does the procedure restore (reconstructive), or enhance (cosmetic)?

Clearly, flat closure is reconstructive. It restores a smooth, breastless chest wall contour. Simply removing the breast tissue isn’t enough. Women deserve a mastectomy result that we can live with.

If your surgeon tells you that flat closure or revision services aren’t covered by insurance because they are “cosmetic”… consider using a different surgeon!

Original version published on NPOAS’ Facebook page on October 13, 2019

Published by Not Putting on a Shirt

Founder of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization that advocates for optimal surgical outcomes for patients going flat.

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