New Project! Amend the NAPBC’s Reconstructive Protocol

Women going flat after mastectomy are not getting the care we need and deserve, in part because most of us cannot access a plastic surgeon for our closure. Women reconstructing their chest wall should be able to access a specialist just like women who are reconstructing their breasts. That’s why we want the American CollegeContinue reading “New Project! Amend the NAPBC’s Reconstructive Protocol”

Vermont Insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield Supports Revision Bill

Big progress continues in Vermont in ensuring insurance coverage for flat closure and revision services! Representative Charen Fegard’s flat revision coding bill (Bill H.686) now has strong support from the state’s largest health insurer, Vermont’s BCBS. Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Josh Plavin made the following statement in support oh H.686: “I amContinue reading “Vermont Insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield Supports Revision Bill”

State of Vermont Moves to Protect Patients

Vermont State Agency Issues Consumer Alert on Revision Denials Big progress is happening right now in Vermont to ensure insurance coverage for flat closure and revision services. Thanks to the pioneering bipartisan work of Vermont State Representatives Charen Fegard (D-VT) and Lynn Bachelor (R-VT), the Vermont state agency tasked with investigating insurance denials has justContinue reading “State of Vermont Moves to Protect Patients”

Informed Consent is Non-Negotiable

Australian Woman Says Her Surgeon Placed Expanders Without Her Consent ** Update: unfolding information suggests that this situation does not represent flat denial. It may represent a violation of consent, but we do not have all the facts. This patient consented to direct to implant reconstruction. Instead of placing an implant, the surgeon placed an expander.Continue reading “Informed Consent is Non-Negotiable”

Clear Language: “Flat Closure”

What does the term “flat closure” mean? Flat closure = chest wall reconstruction post-mastectomy Flat closure is shorthand for surgery to reconstruct the chest wall contour post-mastectomy. It is a patient-friendly term that serves as a stand-in for the more cumbersome technical description. The mastectomy first removes the glandular tissue of the breast, and theContinue reading “Clear Language: “Flat Closure””

Flat Denial: Who is Most at Risk?

We’re All at Risk, Right? Our research, presented last year at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, has identified several probable factors that patients going flat should be aware of. While all patients going flat face some risk – roughly 2-3 in 20 end up with an egregiously poor cosmetic result and one of thoseContinue reading “Flat Denial: Who is Most at Risk?”

Kim’s Revision Surgery After Intentional Flat Denial

I finally decided to get revision surgery, after almost three years living with “a little extra in case you change your mind.” I shouldn’t be here, being prepped for revision surgery. I had a plastic surgeon at my mastectomy two years ago solely to do a flat closure. I had pictures, a witness, “smooth flatContinue reading “Kim’s Revision Surgery After Intentional Flat Denial”

NPOAS’ Table at the 2019 AHN SABCS Review

A Great Opportunity for Provider Outreach Thanks to Allegheny Health Network and San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium for putting together the 2019 AHN SABCS Review, and for providing for participation from local nonprofits. Kim was there representing NPOAS and spoke to quite a few medical professionals about flat closure, flat denial, our research and our initiatives. We got someContinue reading “NPOAS’ Table at the 2019 AHN SABCS Review”

NPOAS Board of Directors

Not Putting on a Shirt is starting 2020 off with a BANG! The new year brings a new crew and we are proud to introduce our new Board of Directors. Kimberly Bowles, PresidentChristy Avila, Vice PresidentDevorah Borenstein, SecretaryShana Whitehead, TreasurerBethAnne Lobmiller The expertise, knowledge, and diversity of experiences and talents of our Board of DirectorsContinue reading “NPOAS Board of Directors”