State of Vermont Moves to Protect Patients

Vermont State Agency Issues Consumer Alert on Revision Denials

Big progress is happening right now in Vermont to ensure insurance coverage for flat closure and revision services. Thanks to the pioneering bipartisan work of Vermont State Representatives Charen Fegard (D-VT) and Lynn Bachelor (R-VT), the Vermont state agency tasked with investigating insurance denials has just issued a Consumer Alert to gather information that will help make the case for the the passage of Bill H.686. This historic bill requires stakeholders to convene and produce a standard coding protocol for flat revision surgery.

From the agency’s website:

“The Department of Financial Regulation (DFR), in consultation with interested stakeholders, is gathering information related to the denial of health insurance coverage for surgical post-mastectomy revision after chest wall reconstruction, commonly known as “flat surgery.” The denials may be due, in part, to problems with coding and billing standards. DFR is asking anyone who has experienced post-mastectomy revision denials to contact the department.”

Many thanks to the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation for leading the charge to ensure mastectomy patients in their state can access the care they need!

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