Plastic Surgeons Are NOT Required to Discuss Aesthetic Flat Closure

It’s true… plastic surgeons are not required to discuss aesthetic flat closure during the reconstructive consult.
Christy Avila on International FLAT Day

Christy Avila of Fierce, Flat, Forward was just interviewed by patient safety watchdog blog MedTruth about going flat. Christy makes the excellent point that plastic surgeons are not required to discuss flat closure during the reconstructive consult – so oftentimes women don’t realize that going flat is even an option. She’s spot on! Click below to read the article.

What can we do about it?

NPOAS is addressing the problem of patients not receiving full disclosure of their options.

Late last year, we published “The Future of NPOAS” which outlined our strategic plan. This plan includes legislative and governmental initiatives to pursue systemic change to promote parity for flat closure, and one of the amendment targets is the NAPBC‘s plastic surgery reconstructive consult requirements protocol (see below).

Flat closure should be REQUIRED to be discussed alongside breast mound reconstructive options!

The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers’ reconstruction consult requirements can be amended to include aesthetic flat closure at the fourth option.

Watch MedTruth’s interview with Breast Implant Safety Alliance‘s VP Julie Lykins:

Original version published on NPOAS’ Facebook page on October 18, 2019

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