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Plastic surgeons are spreading the word – aesthetic flat closure. Our sincere thanks to Directory surgeon Dr. Ron Israeli and the team at NYBRA Plastic Surgery, including Drs. David Light & Jonathan Bank, for taking the next step forward towards parity! #flatfriendlysurgeons

Watch NYBRA’s recent discussion for Sharsharet, a nonprofit serving Jewish women and families affected by breast & ovarian cancers, about breast reconstruction options including aesthetic flat closure (that’s the very first slide, at 8:43!):

TRANSCRIPT: “So, I wanted to touch a little bit on aesthetic flat closure, because this is – in the past few years it’s definitely gotten a lot of publicity and press – there have been articles in the New York Times, going flat after breast cancer. And some women opt not to have a breast reconstruction, but that doesn’t mean that they’re opting not to have an aesthetic appearance to their chest, and this is basically what an aesthetic flat closure is defining.

“The National Cancer Institute (NCI) actually has on their website a definition for aesthetic flat closure, and the goal is exactly that, to provide an aesthetic flat closure – to remove the excess skin, prevent contour deformities of the skin, and allow for a pleasant appearance of the chest wall. Some women will go on to have tattoos over those scars to camouflage them, and have some body art, and others don’t – that’s obviously another personal choice. But it’s definitely an important thing to consider.

Plastic surgeons get involved with aesthetic flat closures and sometimes the breast surgeons, if they have the experience, will perform them on their own, but it’s certainly an option for any patient who’s unsure if breast reconstruction is right for them.” – Dr. David Light, MD

Slide from NYBRA presentation by Drs. David Light and Jonathan Bank for Sharsharet, October 6, 2020.

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