NPOAS Welcomes Ronduit Plat to the Council of International Advocates!

NPOAS is thrilled to welcome Corrie Kamminga (Netherlands) of Ronduit Plat to our Council of International Advocates! “In the Netherlands, the standard procedure after mastectomy is breast reconstruction. Flat is often not even offered, and women have to push hard to get what they want and deserve. It is important to create awareness that goingContinue reading “NPOAS Welcomes Ronduit Plat to the Council of International Advocates!”

Fall 2021 AFC in the Media Roundup

May 05, 2021 “People have questioned me for not getting implants but the truth is none of us feel truly normal, accepted, or good enough to escape the judgment of others.” Bethany Elliott Sell Read Bethany’s whole article published at the Daily Mail ! July 20, 2021 “Patricia has had breast cancer four times sinceContinue reading “Fall 2021 AFC in the Media Roundup”

Breaking! Aesthetic Flat Closure Research Just Published in Annals of Surgical Oncology

Historic flat closure research published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology

Progress: Marie-Claude Belzile’s Petition Gets Traction in Québec’s National Assembly

After getting “mastectomie a fini plat” on the books, Marie-Claude Belzile’s petition is getting traction in the Québec National Assembly!

Aesthetic Flat Closure on the NYBRA Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery!

Plastic surgeons are spreading the word – aesthetic flat closure. Our sincere thanks to Directory surgeon Dr. Ron Israeli and the team at NYBRA Plastic Surgery, including Drs. David Light & Jonathan Bank, for taking the next step forward towards parity! #flatfriendlysurgeons Watch NYBRA’s recent discussion for Sharsharet, a nonprofit serving Jewish women and familiesContinue reading “Aesthetic Flat Closure on the NYBRA Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery!”

Progress in Québec: “Mastectomie à fini plat”

Progress in Québec! Their online French-English translation database, Grand dictionnaire terminologique, now includes “mastectomie à fini plat“, the French analogue of aesthetic flat closure! The new term is translated literally as “mastectomy with flat finish”. Thanks to advocate Marie-Claude Belzile of Tout aussi femme (who is also a member of our Council of International Advocates)Continue reading “Progress in Québec: “Mastectomie à fini plat””

Announcing our Council of International Advocates

Announcing our Council of International Advocates! Flat advocacy is a global movement, with a common purpose. The Council of International Advocates at NPOAS consists of leaders in the flat advocacy community worldwide who have come together cooperatively to #putflatonthemenu for our mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters. We are stronger together! Meet our Council Members atContinue reading “Announcing our Council of International Advocates”

Summary of Our Flat Closure Research from #SABCS19

“Flat closure after mastectomy: are your patients satisfied with the results?” NPOAS presented our poster at the 2019 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (#SABCS19) last December. This research explored patient experience going flat, including decision factors, satisfaction with aesthetic flat closure cosmesis, provider push back, and more. Our abstract – the summary of our importantContinue reading “Summary of Our Flat Closure Research from #SABCS19”