NCCN’s 2022 Guidelines for Patients Updated to Include “Flat Closure”

A Huge WIN for Patient Education! Groundbreaking News! Absolutely stellar news from flat advocates Robyn Towt (GPAC) and Andrea Citarelli Ottaiano (Silver Lining Holistic Health)! These amazing women worked with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) on the 2022 updates of the breast cancer patient guidelines to include flat closure as an explicit, valid reconstructiveContinue reading “NCCN’s 2022 Guidelines for Patients Updated to Include “Flat Closure””

NY Bill A8537 Marching Forward!

Big news on the legislative advocacy front! NY Bill A8537 – Insurance Coverage for AFC has just cleared a major hurdle. The bill has passed in the Assembly, and is on its way to the Senate! Next, it’ll go to the governor’s desk to be signed into law… and that will mean no more denialsContinue reading “NY Bill A8537 Marching Forward!”

NPOAS at Oncology Nursing Society Conference

NPOAS is representing FLAT this week at the Oncology Nursing Society ‘s 2022 Congress! Huge thanks to lead volunteer Renee Ridgeley (@LessThanTwoBreasts & the voice of Dr. Wendy Sage, the first openly single breasted TV character) for organizing and staffing our exhibit! (Yes, this is the second conference this month!) #iamsage #ONS2022

#ASBRS2022 Conference Update

We were so happy to be able to exhibit at the annual meeting of the The American Society of Breast Surgeons representing the FLAT patient voice! Here’s an update on how the conference went and what we learned to help focus our future advocacy efforts. We were too busy talking with the surgeons to getContinue reading “#ASBRS2022 Conference Update”

ASPS Supports NY Bill

HUGE NEWS! The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the New York State Society of Plastic Surgeons are supporting the NY Bill to ensure insurance coverage for aesthetic flat closure (i.e., chest wall reconstruction)! Learn more about the bill and sign the petition at #putflatonthemenu #aestheticflatclosure

NPOAS Exhibiting at ASBRS Conference 2022

History is going to be made at the American Society of Breast Surgeons annual conference in Spring 2022 in Las Vegas. The NPOAS Board will be attending this conference with an exhibitor’s booth to advocate for aesthetic flat closure. We will be engaging providers one on one, providing brochures for surgeons to take back home and useContinue reading “NPOAS Exhibiting at ASBRS Conference 2022”

Milestones in AFC Advocacy 2020-2021

Thanks to the tireless work of flat advocates and our supporters, and despite a global pandemic, we saw major progress on the flat advocacy front these past two years. And we expect to see even more progress in 2022! While much of our two year strategic plan at NPOAS has been achieved, we aren’t atContinue reading “Milestones in AFC Advocacy 2020-2021”

NPOAS Welcomes Ronduit Plat to the Council of International Advocates!

NPOAS is thrilled to welcome Corrie Kamminga (Netherlands) of Ronduit Plat to our Council of International Advocates! “In the Netherlands, the standard procedure after mastectomy is breast reconstruction. Flat is often not even offered, and women have to push hard to get what they want and deserve. It is important to create awareness that goingContinue reading “NPOAS Welcomes Ronduit Plat to the Council of International Advocates!”

Fall 2021 AFC in the Media Roundup

May 05, 2021 “People have questioned me for not getting implants but the truth is none of us feel truly normal, accepted, or good enough to escape the judgment of others.” Bethany Elliott Sell Read Bethany’s whole article published at the Daily Mail ! July 20, 2021 “Patricia has had breast cancer four times sinceContinue reading “Fall 2021 AFC in the Media Roundup”