NPOAS Welcomes Ronduit Plat to the Council of International Advocates!

Corrie Kamminga, Ronduit Plat

NPOAS is thrilled to welcome Corrie Kamminga (Netherlands) of Ronduit Plat to our Council of International Advocates!

“In the Netherlands, the standard procedure after mastectomy is breast reconstruction. Flat is often not even offered, and women have to push hard to get what they want and deserve. It is important to create awareness that going flat after mastectomy needs to be a fully accepted choice. Ronduit Plat started out as a one-woman show, but more and more women find their way to us. I’m very proud of ‘my ladies’ joining me in putting flat on the (Dutch) map.”

Read more at and visit the Ronduit Plat website at!




Published by Not Putting on a Shirt

Founder of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization that advocates for optimal surgical outcomes for patients going flat.

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