Stand Tall: AFC Campaign UPDATE!

The 2022 Stand Tall: AFC visibility campaign has been a smashing success so far this October! STAFC Teams have touched the hearts of so many across the globe, and the walks have garnered lots of media attention. We even have a big rig truck branded with the STAFC banner graphic and Dr. Sage!

STAFC in the Media!

No breasts, no regrets for Wichita breast cancer survivor

Local woman takes ‘flat’ to the streets for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

‘I’m A Breast Cancer Survivor And A Proud ‘Flattie.’ Here’s Why I Said No To Reconstructive Surgery’

Good Day Chicago! with Renee Ridgeley and Matt Selman (video)

CBS 5 Making Strides Coverage (video)

East Styrian had both breasts removed: “I felt liberated” (Dutch)

STAFC Walk Photos

These are just a few photos from the over 40 STAFC walks scheduled for the month of October! Flat hugs, solidarity, and support – it’s all part of becoming visible to one another, as Audre Lorde said.

STAFC Truck!

Trucker Brita Nowak‘s rig was decked out for FLAT visibility at Total Truck Branding in Illinois – keep your eyes peeled on the highways of the continental USA and you might spot her!

… and Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for more updates on the Stand Tall: AFC visibility campaign. And follow STAFC on Facebook for live updates!

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