Webinar on AFC – May 3rd

UPDATE! The recorded webinar is now available on YouTube here. On May 3rd, 2023 from 12-1 PM ET, join the Program for Breast Cancer in Young Adults and Not Putting on a Shirt to learn more about the option of Going Flat After Mastectomy! In this 1-hour webinar, you will hear from a panel of survivors who went flat, learn aboutContinue reading “Webinar on AFC – May 3rd”

NPOAS Welcomes New Board Member Mimi Frazier of Linkage Beauty Movement

Meet our newest Board member at Not Putting on a Shirt, Mimi Frazier of Linkage Beauty Movement LLC! Mimi has been a brilliant breast cancer and flat advocate since 2019, and was the winner of the Flat Retreat Flat Visibility Award this year in Chicago. The work Mimi has done and continues do to upliftContinue reading “NPOAS Welcomes New Board Member Mimi Frazier of Linkage Beauty Movement”

Stand Tall: AFC Campaign UPDATE!

The 2022 Stand Tall: AFC visibility campaign has been a smashing success so far this October! STAFC Teams have touched the hearts of so many across the globe, and the walks have garnered lots of media attention. We even have a big rig truck branded with the STAFC banner graphic and Dr. Sage! STAFC inContinue reading “Stand Tall: AFC Campaign UPDATE!”

NPOAS Partners with Peer Support Group “Fierce, FLAT, Forward”

NPOAS is excited to announce our new partnership with Fierce, FLAT, Forward (FFF), a Facebook peer support group for people living flat or considering going flat after mastectomy for breast cancer, including people explanting to flat. Founded by NPOAS VP Christy Avila, FFF is a thriving, uplifting & welcoming community. Learn more about this amazingContinue reading “NPOAS Partners with Peer Support Group “Fierce, FLAT, Forward””

Where Will You Be FLAT Visible?

Why are some of the ladies taking their shirts off at Stand Tall AFC walks? 1. Because they can. 2. Women are often shamed for being survivors with less than two breasts. Being seen and accepted is the antidote. BTW, plenty of our flat sisters prefer to keep their shirts on and that is FLATastic,Continue reading “Where Will You Be FLAT Visible?”

Stand Tall with Us This October to Normalize AFC!

NPOAS has partnered with breakout flat visibility campaign Stand Tall AFC for its 2022 campaign… and beyond! Stand Tall AFC is a campaign to de-stigmatize the loss of breasts to cancer treatment and to normalize aesthetic flat closure. Breast cancer awareness events brings thousands of people together. Stand Tall AFC teams of flat survivors andContinue reading “Stand Tall with Us This October to Normalize AFC!”