NPOAS Welcomes New Board Member Mimi Frazier of Linkage Beauty Movement

Meet our newest Board member at Not Putting on a Shirt, Mimi Frazier of Linkage Beauty Movement LLC! Mimi has been a brilliant breast cancer and flat advocate since 2019, and was the winner of the Flat Retreat Flat Visibility Award this year in Chicago. The work Mimi has done and continues do to uplift and support all breast cancer survivors and thrivers, reconstructed and unreconstructed, inspires us daily. We are thrilled to have her join us at NPOAS!

“Hello, I am Mimi Frazier, from the Washington DC area, with over 12+ years of working in Housing Administration and the Human Resources field. I decided to take my career and life mission on another path after being diagnosed with Stage 3B HER2 Positive Invasive Breast Cancer in 2015. I establish a safe and supportive social media community in 2019 for women fighting, surviving, and thriving with Breast Cancer. Linkage Beauty Movement LLC has since developed into a thriving foundation, solely focused on making a positive change in the lives of women fighting cancer around the world. Showcasing survivors, conducting outreach, linking women together, sending out Linkage Care Boxes, presenting awards, promoting physical fitness awareness, providing resources, and creating 100% Natural, Homemade Essential Wellness products for women to use on our skin and hair, is just some of the work I do daily. Currently, I am studying for my Master’s degree in Human Services at Walden University, with hopes of becoming a Professional Human Services Practitioner, developing Cancer Resource Centers across the United States by 2025. I’m excited to join the NPOAS Board of Directors in hopes of bringing compassion, hope, diversity, and diplomacy to share with everyone.”

Contact Mimi by email to or

Visit the Linkage Beauty Movement WEBSITE

… and the Linkage Essentials ONLINE STORE

LBM Main Telephone: 240-602-8875

Find her on Instagram: @linkagebeautyllc  & @linkageessentials


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